Dove siamo – Rifugio CAI Mario Merelli al Coca a Valbondione, Bergamo
Rifugio CAI, Valbondione, Bergamo, montagna, turismo, famiglia, sport, escursioni, itinerari, estate, inverno
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46° 3′ 16.776” N

10° 0′ 35.4744” E



1892 m

Once in Valbondione, the last village of the valley, we go up through town’s streets.
The path n. 301 starts on the left where Via Beltrame becomes Via Pianlivere (3064 ft). Here the hut is visible on top left.

Our trail starts downhill to enter the wood, cross Serio’s river and go straight following red-white-red flags. Now go steep among fallen rocks and trees, mainly ash-trees.

We alternate some stretches in and out of woods, we overcome two water streams and we come to a junction where a white arrow points right.
At the next junction we leave on our right the marked route to Grumetti and continue with a beautiful view on the valley (m. 1100).

We reach a crossroads (4429 ft). Signpost indicate to follow straight for the hut and right for Maslana and Rifugio Göi del Cà. Keep going up then another crossroads where we have to go left. Then go steeply, on the left of a waterfall. At this point we’ll find some stakes that hold wire ropes, protecting us towards the precipice.

We finally get out from the woods. We cross a steam that become a waterfall, the perfect place to drink a little bit of this fresh water (5250 ft). We begin now a very steep section, with protections on the right side. Metal bars and well-placed-stones act like stairs. We cross the river on a narrow concrete bridge and continue uphill.

After turning left we begin to see Rifugio Coca on top. We follow a low wall that separates us from the stream and we reach a cave turned into shelter (5823 ft). The path continues on the right and becomes rocky. We reach a small reservoir closed by a dam and we turn right.

We walk next to a concrete construction that serves the dam, then slightly uphill to reach a fork (6053 ft). Route signs tell us that Rifugio Coca (sent. 301 E) is 10 minutes far and rifugio Brunone (sent. 302 EE) 4 hours; on the right rifugio Curò (sent. 303 EE), 3 hours far; behind Valbondione (sent. 301 E) 1.30 hours far.

Go left. Two concrete runways let us cross the creek and we restart to go up between rhododendron bushes. We walk then a stretch almost flat that ends next to a rock with another commemorative plaque. A final steep zigzags section leads to Rifugio Coca.

Come and visit us, our family will receive you in the best way at Rifugio Merelli al Coca!