Il Rifugio – Rifugio CAI Mario Merelli al Coca a Valbondione, Bergamo
Foto e disposizione del Rifugio - Rifugio CAI Mario Merelli al Coca a Valbondione, Bergamo
Rifugio CAI, Valbondione, Bergamo, montagna, turismo, famiglia, sport, escursioni, itinerari, estate, inverno
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Find the proper rest to get ready for your adventures!


Taste our dishes right from our tradition


Take a breathtaking view on the valley


Wines, beers and spirits selected from the owners

Come and see: here hospitality is at home!

Inside Rifugio Coca there is a pub area and two dining rooms with a total of 90 seats, where you can taste typical dishes like venison, braised meats and roasts, homemade ravioli, pizzoccheri, risotto with our mushrooms and delicious platters of cold cuts and cheeses.
Rifugio Coca has eight rooms, the smallest are for four people, the largest count eighteen places, for a total amount of 70 beds. All rooms are equipped with pillows, blankets and mattress: it’s mandatory to wear a sheet sleeping bag (as CAI rule). We can provide you one at a cost of 3 euro.
Rifugio Coca is also equipped with four toilets, two on the ground floor with shower and two on rooms’ floor.
The winter hut got ten beds and it’s open during winter, but lack of electricity and heating. We remember that while hut is open the winter part remains closed.
We organize parties and events of all kinds upon request.

For someone’s only four walls.
We love to call it home.

Rifugio Coca is based on the project by the engineer Luigi Albani, built by CAI Bergamo on 1919 to remind CAI’s members, who died during First World War. On 1957, on the project of the architect Maria Luisa Berti Angelina, was enlarged and selfpowered by a a turbine pushed by the near steam. Recently CAI Bergamo titled the hut to the Lizzola’s alpinist, Mario Merelli, died during an ascent to Punta Scais on January 2012; the hut is now officialy called “rifugio Mario Merelli al Coca“.

Come and visit us, our family will receive you in the best way at Rifugio Merelli al Coca!